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Talinnt bridges Talent Acquisition and Talent Development with a unique set of services and future-facing tools.

Career Growth

Identify career growth potential for candidates and employees

Diversity With Meaning

Uncover the true potential of those who feel held back and strive for bigger goals

Design Your Team

Steer your culture while guiding your team towards their goals

Culture Fit

Determine who best matches where your organization is headed

Create Alignment

Match individual and organizational needs to insure future alignment

Retain Employees

Increase retention by integrating individual needs into growth plans
Average time saved by organizations using Talinnt
Hiring managers reporting greater confidence in hiring decisions
Employees feel better understood by their organization

Hire For The Future

A New Kind Of Vision

Talinnt equips recruitment and hiring professionals with a new lens for viewing candidates. Teams can envision optimal future scenarios where candidates will generate the most value for the organization. Talinnt’s technology is coordinated with targeted services and training that generate fresh insights for hiring decisions. The results? An expedited hiring process and experience uniquely tailored to your culture.

Guiding The Potential

Talinnt spurs candidates to describe their prospective career trajectory in order to determine best fit. Our exclusive solution motivates and inspires candidates to tell their future stories — uncovering their potential value and unleashing collaborative possibilities. Talinnt surrounds the process with expert guidance for leveraging The Talinnt Method, creating a better overall hiring experience.

Benefits Of Talinnt’s Hiring Tools

More Authentic Diversity

Improving The Hiring Experience

Save Time

Save Money

Develop Your Employees

Guiding The Pathway

Talinnt empowers individual team members to identify their future career trajectory and figure out the path they’re seeking. We help organizations match talented individuals with role opportunities, their best mentors or coaches, and professional development. By partnering with Talinnt, you better understand, develop, and manage your most valuable resource – your employees – improving workplace retention and satisfaction.

Designing Your Team

Talinnt uncovers employees’ unrealized future value and unleashes collaborative possibilities. Managers are armed with new insights for designing optimized teams. Employees are more satisfied with their development. Leaders discover the best intersection between their talent assets and future business strategy.

Benefits Of Talinnt’s Development Tools

Improving The Employee Experience

Discover New Collaborative Potential

Find Alignment

Increase Retention

Your Trusted Talinnt Partner

Talinnt spans the void between Talent Acquisition and Talent Development. Our unique,future-facing tool seamlessly integrates and evolves with your workforce – from the beginning of the hiring process through successful employee management and organizational development.

Benefits Of Talinnt Integration

Diversity With Meaning

Talinnt levels playing fields and uncovers the potential of candidates and team members who may be overlooked with traditional recruiting and development tools.

Improve Employee Retention & Reduce Turnover

Talinnt improves organizations’ listening skills. Companies understand candidates from the outset and empower employees to succeed on their own terms.

Understand Your Team’s True Potential

We redefine “possible” for employees and companies, unlocking winning combinations for organizational development, long-term growth, and strategic planning.

A More Human Experience

Our user-friendly tool is responsive and flexible, centered on a reflective design that elicits authentic expression of self and career goals.
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The Talinnt Team

Our team is excited to work with you and help you on your journey towards implementing a forward facing talent acquisition and talent development process. We know that being proactive in forward-looking hiring and development will align your candidates' and employees' future aspirations to your organizational needs.

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Neal Murthy is Talinnt’s Chief Executive Officer and Heather Yanak is Talinnt’s Chief Commercial Officer. Reach out to Neal to talk about all things Talinnt and contact Heather to start working with Talinnt.

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