About Talinnt

Our Story

Nowadays, it’s common, if not likely, that you and everyone you know has made some fairly significant career changes along their path in life. The same goes for the Talinnt team. Neal studied mathematics before a brief stint at a major consulting firm. Heather left the practice of law to start her own business. Michael was an art school dropout before discovering cultural anthropology.

Talinnt began with a recognition that we all have a career journey story, but we lack a way to narrate our future career.

Talinnt’s future-facing career tool was created to address a common problem for organizations, too. Leaders and managers don’t have the right tools to understand who they should hire to further develop their organization. They base decisions on past performance, rather than future plans or potential. And once they choose their team members, organizations lack the foresight to develop those individuals in ways that align with organizational goals. As a result, far too many employees don’t feel like their companies really listen to them, or genuinely try to help them succeed.

Talinnt brings all these possibilities together, guiding a diverse range of future opportunities. We want to see people become the best version of themselves they can be. And in guiding that process, we believe that organizations will benefit, too.

Our Organization

Visit our leadership team’s LinkedIn profiles to learn more about their career journeys. And then contact us to find out where we’re headed.

Neal Murthy
Chief Executive Officer
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Heather Yanak
Chief Commercial Officer
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Michael Powell
Chief Human Officer
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David Charles
Chief Innovation Officer
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Felicia Bates
Head of Product
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